Black Entrepreneurs Matter

I wanna hip y’all to something...

“With 44 percent of respondents using cash to fully or partially finance their business, cash remains the most popular small business financing method for black entrepreneurs, continuing a multi-year trend. Funding support from friends and family also remains the second most popular financing method, at 15 percent. A line of credit also remains the third most popular financing method.”

This is an exert from Guidant Financial and the reason I wanted to share this is because WE HAVE POWER! Unfortunately yet fortunately we have POWER where it matters. The almighty dollar.

Did you know out of ALL cultures in America we spend the MOST MONEY! And I’m not even talking credit card money. I’m talking CASH money.

I have a big goal to bring housing, wellness and nourishment to our community but imagine if I wasn’t of the few with these goals and plans. Imagine if there were MANY of us to EFFECTIVELY & STRATEGICALLY bring efforts to our communities. Imagine if we with regard to our past and regard to our present build OUR community. And I’m not talking small stuff here and there. Y’all we are if not equally, more radical than our ancestors.

Also in that article, it stated that MILLENNIALS are the largest group of entrepreneurs amongst Black America. That’s US!

And I know this seems repetitive because every time THIS happens we boycott for a bit, spend our money on Black but then we trickle right back to the norm, we gotta change this narrative from a CONSUMER & a COMPANY perspective.

We must do better with one another in our support, in our business transactions, in our customer service, in our intention and in ALL OF IT FOR REAL.

My business GORGEOUS KHAOS is an INCLUSIVE SAFE SPACE for the curly and textured tribe. And the previous is stated EVERYWHERE so it’s known.

It’s black owned, black operated, black supported, black products literally black everything. Hell even the building that my studio is in is owned and operated by a Black man.

I’m just saying...

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