Haircare Tip Tuesday

Hey my loves! #tiptuesday

You see how I’m cutting off the dead tips on this spider plant well YOUR CURLS need the same type of cutting!

First and foremost make sure you are trimming your ends every 6-8wks depending on your curl pattern. Tighter curls must have most frequent trims otherwise you WILL experience excessive tangling and shedding.

Stop being scared to take off the dead hair in fear of a shorter result, the flourish will be worth it, TRUST ME!

Depending on diet, maintenance, growth cycle, hormones etc your hair grows 1/2-1 inch EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

However, just like plants the yellow leaves(dead hair) take up most of the nutrients therefore the rest of the plant/hair can NOT flourish!

Y’all it’s really like 1+1 but live your best life sis 💛







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