Let Us Focus on DAMAGE


The Healthy hair Nut here to give you some manetivation (mane motivation) about damaged hair and what it really means. There are a variety of ways your hair can suffer from damage that can drastically impact the elasticity, texture, livelihood and length of your hair. Most damage, the hair can not and will not recover from and for a breakdown of the types of damage, prevention and cures go read along.

Remember, the hair is about 90% made up of protein which is made up of chains of amino acids. There are 5 major elements that make up our hair fibers; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. Knowing this is important because it will help you further understand the several different ways you can create damage within your hair.

Types of Damage:

Chemical- damage that occurrs from a chemical service such as relaxers, keratin treatments, hair coloring services etc. Heat- damage that occurs with excessive heat implements such as blow-drying, heating irons, and/or seated dryers. Environmental- natural damage that occurs from the air quality, sun exposure and/or weather/environment conditions.Product- damage that occurs from overusing or misusing product. Many products have ingredients that are detrimental to the hair health and growth.

Some ways to identify the damage within your hair is by identifying rough feeling texture, brittleness, over porous, no strength or elasticity or spongy and limp when wet.

Ways to prevent damage:

As I always say SEEK A PROFESSIONAL and do your RESEARCH on that professional. Ask questions AND pay attention to the answers that you are being given. If it's something you are unsure of, your professional should be able to answer or get the answer for you.

Stop having UNREALISTIC expectations of what you want for your hair. For example, if you have box colored your hair for ANY amount of time do NOT expect your professional to magically make you ELSA BLONDE in one appointment. Or my favorite, if you have not had a professional cut(trim) in more than 6 months don’t expect your professional to perform a miracle by only cutting one inch off.

Use professional products and read the instructions; if it says QUARTER SIZE AMOUNT then you use a QUARTER SIZE AMOUNT. For you curlies this is where a lot of your damage exist in the overuse of product which weighs down the cuticle and clogs the pores of the scalp (thats another conversation).

CUT THE DAMAGE (that’s all I got for that one).

Tips for dealing with your damaged hair:

If the damage already exist here are some quick tips to not revert the damage because realistically the damage can’t beamed new but these tips are merely to help you along the way while you and your professional create a plan to bring your hair back to optimal health. Oh and to the curlies A NO HEAT CHALLENGE IS NOT THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR HAIR PROBLEMS. Curls are magic and can be however you want them stop thinking that if you stop with heat styles it’ll automatically be made new, it WILL NOT.

Use penetrating conditioners that are able to deposit protein and moisture rich oils such as jojoba and argan. (be mindful of how much you use protein enriched products)If you receive chemical services such as high lift color/lightening or relaxers consult your professional on whether to continue with the services.Use professional products.Seek a professional if you don’t already have one you trust.

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With Curl Love,

The Healthy Hair Nut