Mane Monday

Loose Naturals

I know most of you loose naturals love to avoid heat and wear your hair in natural styles only. This may include twist outs, wash-go’s, rods, braid outs etc. in the cooler months it may seem more difficult and this is when you tend to resort to straighter styles that require heat. Both are great however, this Mane Monday is focusing on Natural Hair Styles only!

In the cooler months things may be a bit difficult because quite frankly it’s cold outside and your mom always said to never go outside with wet hair. So what do you do when you have FINALLY achieved the perfect wash-go and it’s 42 degrees out? You STILL be proud of your wash-go and you rock it in 42 degrees as if it were 80 degrees. The trick is to manipulate your curls in a way that will give you the results you crave without actually opening the pores in your scalp. For example, instead of wetting your entire head down take a detangling brush or wide tooth comb and wet the tool then proceed to use said tool starting 1 inch from the scalp and work your way down. It may take extra time but it’ll be worth it and make sure you are NOT over using product just to achieve weighted curls because your just damaging your hair in the end.

Another example, the Sunday night twist out that doesn’t dry by Monday morning! For you Naturals that refuse to seek out a professional and think you have it handled all in your own; MAKE THE INVESTMENT! Meaning, go buy a hooded dryer (NOT the cap one) but an actual sit under hooded dryer and take an extra 45mins on Sunday night and then an extra 10mins Monday morning and dry your scalp! This creates a maintained twist out with less frizz and it allows you to also sleep more comfortably without looking like you’re from Planet Remulak (if you’ve never seen Coneheads go watch it immediately).

I don’t have all the answers but most of them are pretty simple anyway it just requires investment, effort and time. As always I hope you are under the care of a licensed professional stylist and if not Gorgeous Khaos Hair Studio is always open for new Curlies!

Ciao, The Healthy Hair Nut!

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