Recession but NOT Pandemic proof

Recession- a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced.

Pandemic- (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Salon and beauty industry annual revenue- Revenues for all salon industry services (hair, skin, nails) plus salon retail grew only 1.8% to $64.3 billion, according to the new 2018 Professional Salon Industry Haircare Study from Professional Consultants & Resources. (

I went to Cosmetology school in 2010 (YES, a WHOLE decade ago) and on our first day orientation they told us “The beauty industry is one of the only industries that are recession proof”. I was reluctant to believe that people would actually still get their hair, nails and skin care needs achieved even in a recession.

Boy was I wrong!

I began to remember the times when even my own mother would defer bill payments or go without paying them at all JUST to make sure her hair and nails were done and looking above average. Now multiply that on a larger scale and BOOM, my instructors were absolutely correct about this industry being completely recession proof.

However, no one ever factored in what a Pandemic would do to us and our industry. This current Novel Coronavirus pandemic that has plagued not only our nation but the world has completely SHUT DOWN the beauty industry as a whole. There are no open hair salons, no barbershops, no nail salons and (my personal favorite) I can’t even get my monthly wax.

And it makes sense WHY, think about how close these professionals get…

Being a worker and consumer of the industry has allowed me to really understand how this pandemic has seriously HURT our beloved beauty industry. As stated above in 2018 revenues of the salon industry were in the MULTI BILLION DOLLAR range (64 billion) and growing. Women and men alike love looking good because the reality is that the beauty industry has a DIRECT correlation to the mental wellness industry. In that, when you look good you in turn feel good. Having a fresh shave or blowout gives you a certain physical and emotional satisfaction and from the standpoint of the professional our WHY most times is embedded directly in the fact that we get to provide stability, wellness, security and physical attraction to each one of our clients.

So what happens when THAT can’t happen? What happens when we are allowed to resume working? What are industry professionals doing currently to remain sane? What are clients doing to ensure that wellness portion is intact?

There are many answers to the above questions, mine are below.

We REINVENT the industry! We REST! We REIGNITE our flame! Simply put, as industry professionals we remain calm and continually remind ourselves that this is just a pin in the cushion that will be removed and allow us to keep going. Professionals, please get rest during this period. Remember that we emit mass energy every time we are working so it is imperative that before the floodgates open we reset our own energy, drink plenty fluids (more than libations) and we get ready!

Because when they release US back into the world WE WILL BE WORKING NONSTOP!

As clients, we have COMPASSION for industry professionals! We WAIT! We practice PATIENCE! Having compassion for the industry and the professionals within allows us as professionals to feel heard, to feel wanted and feel necessary. Waiting for our professional and paying attention to updates allows us to then be prepared to schedule appointments accordingly but remember to practice patience because you will NOT be the only one needing an appointment.

In closing, this has affected us all very differently and some of us have not made it out but we are a unit and we will come out on the other side so STAY home, STAY healthy and STAY well.

Forever your Favorite Cosmetologist,