The Beginning

James 4:10 says "humble yourself before the lord, and he will lift you up."

How many of us have said "I know what I'm doing, it's my life, I got this" when we put ourselves and our plans before what God has planned for us we begin to be above God. Who says that is okay? We have to fully submit to his will in order for us to see our life and the life he has for us. Are you currently willing to put aside everything that is not of his will and his word and submit completely to him? Are you willing to put complete trust and faith in what he has prepared for you? If you answered yes then keep being apart of this Gorgeous Khaos community however, be prepared to completely open your heart and your mind. We are going on this journey together, we will make mistakes together, and most importantly we will overcome and triumph together.

So many times we live for the approval and acceptance of others but what are your expectations for yourself?

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