The Healthy Hair Nut

As the winter months and cold has vastly approached it is extremely important to secure and solidify your regimen for keeping your hair flourishing and alive. To clear up some confusion below I’ve created a chart with the differences in Moisture and Hydration, following you’ll see how this relates to your hair. 

 Cooler temperatures deplete moisture out the air which in turn causes dryer skin and hair because now there is a lack of humidity. As naturals a lack of humidity is like receiving your favorite gift everyday however, humidity is a necessary evil that we must appreciate. Now with hydration, it is IMPERATIVE especially during the winter months that you increase your water and protein intake. If your body becomes dehydrated your hair will not flourish and will always feel brittle and useless. Recommended water intake is half your body weight (i.e. if you weigh 180lbs your daily intake should be 90oz). In regards to protein this doesn’t have to be meat. Nuts, green vegetables, beans, and eggs are just a few options to consider and should be apart of every meal. 

With the new year coming of course we are going to start working out more remember, when you sweat your body is releasing proteins, nutrients, and allowing for cooler temperatures in your body. Remember if you aren’t supplying your body with proper intake the release of what’s there WILL also cause exhaustion and dehydration. Below is another chart that can be useful, I love us for real Naturals be great!

With Love, 

-The Healthy Hair Nut

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