Multidisciplinary Artist

Medium: Beauty & Wellness

Dai Washington is a Hair Colorist, Visionary Coach & Creative Executive Owner for the Beauty and Wellness industries. Dai is on a mission to blend and build the relationship between a woman's outer beauty and her inner wellness by servicing and coaching everyday women on how to create their own beauty in the midst of. 


On her road to becoming Visionary Coach Dai, she has achieved many milestones to include but are not limited to the following: Certified Life Coach, Senior-Master Cosmetologist, 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki 2 Healer, work with Regis Salon company, Ratner Salon Company, Ted Gibson Artistic Team, and the Paul Mitchell School, as well as currently owning a salon studio and haircare brand Gorgeous Khaos Beauty. 


Being an entrepreneur has allowed her the opportunity to find her flow in image transformation, business building and inspiring others. Gorgeous Khaos is literally about “finding the beauty within the midst of” in which Dai focuses on all things Business, Beauty and Wellness. When she is not working in her studio she is traveling, being a cool mom, speaking and empowering others or creating content for her Podcast Gorgeous Khaos Daily, check it out on any platform in which you listen to podcast.

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